Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh

"A fine young Pittsburgh wind ensemble."

since 2003

Hiring the Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh

The Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh are available for hire! We can provide music for any occasion. We particularly enjoy playing at weddings, receptions and other large gatherings.

Booking the Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh

Booking the Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh is a simple process. To begin, simply contact us by email or phone 412.407.7350.

A demo cd and consultation are available at no charge.

Contact us early to ensure our availability for your event!


The Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh perform in a wide variety of venues.

Concerts and recitals can be held in large spaces such as concert halls or churches. Intimate parlor concerts in private homes are also available.

Education programs can be held in classrooms, libraries, or larger assembly spaces.

For special events, such as weddings or other celbrations, we prefer at least an 8'x10' area to accommodate our chairs and music stands. A trio can fit in to a smaller space. We can be flexible and are happy to discuss alternative space and lighting arrangements for your event.

We are happy to perform outdoors. Please keep in mind that our delicate musical instruments can be damaged by to extreme temperatures or precipitation.


As our goal is to provide quality chamber music to our community, our rates are set on an individual basis. Please contact us, either by e-mail or phone 412.681.3768 for a quote.

To determine a fair fee for each event, we consider factors including the event's purpose, anticipated number of attendees, and location.

Special events

The standard rate for the full quintet is $330/hr. Additional fees apply for events anticipating more than 100 attendees.

Wedding packages start at $550.

Reduced rates are sometimes available for certain events.


Concert fees are negotiated individually based on the program, venue, and anticipated audience size.


Fees for education programs start at $200.

Discounted rates are available for multiple presentations.


Additional fees may apply for travel, outdoor performances, and contracts signed less than 30 days before the performance date.

For more information about our fees, please see our Press Pack.


Contracts: The Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh require that a contract ("Performance Agreement") be completed for each event.

Deposit: A deposit of 25% is typically required for events. Deposits less than $50 are nonrefundable.

Cancellation: If the event is cancelled by the sponsor greater than 14 days in advance, any deposit will be refunded, less a $50 fee. Events cancelled by the sponsor less than 14 days in advance will receive no refund. A total of 50% of full payment is expected for events cancelled less than 7 days in advance, and full payment is expected for events cancelled less than 48 hours in advance.

The Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh reserve the right to cancel performances due to extenuating circumstances including, but not limited to, medical emergencies and severe weather conditions that prevent safe travel to the performance venue. In such cases, if our associate musicians are not available to assist, a reduced ensemble or altered program may be offered at a prorated fee. (For example, in an emergency situation, a trio may play in lieu of the full quintet for 3/5 the original fee.) For concert performances, every effort will be made to reschedule the performance for a later date. In the unlikely event that a performance is cancelled by the Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh, the full deposit will be refunded.

Photography: Flash photography is prohibited during performances. The Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh will be glad to pose for photographs following the performance.

For more information about our policies, please see our Press Pack.