Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh

"A fine young Pittsburgh wind ensemble."

since 2003

Frequently asked questions

What does "Aeolian" mean?

The word aeolian is Greek in origin, and refers to one of the four main divisions among the ancient Greeks. It also is the Greek word for wind, and in musical terms, is the term for the minor mode. The aeolian mode is one of the few musical modes that is still used in today's music, both popular and classical!

When should I contact you if I would like you to play at my event?

We appreciate inquiries as far in advance as possible. It is often best to contact us early in your planning process to inquire about our availability. Our friendly coordinator will be happy to assist you.

How long does the booking process take?

Completing a booking can take as little as 48 hours, and most are completed within a few days of initiation. Once our coordinator has all of the information about the event, she will typically need 24 hours to confirm the musicians' availability and draft a contract, which can then be delivered for your perusal via email, postal mail, or in person. Please remember that a booking is not completed until both parties have signed the contract, and our coordinator may need to visit the performance space as well.

To speed up the booking process, please communicate the date, time, and location of your event in your initial message to us.

Five people seems like a lot - will it be too loud for my dinner party?

While the wind quintet can produce enough volume to fill a concert hall, it is often appropriate for intimate events as well. For example, a quintet playing in a carpeted reception room will sound much quieter than in a museum's exhibit hall! As part of the booking process, our coordinator will help you determine the size of the ensemble best suited for your event. For events such as dinner parties, our musicians typically play 20-25 minute sets separated by 10 minute breaks and are always prepared with an assortment of trio and duet music to play during quieter moments.

Do I get to pick the music that you'll play?

We work closely with our clients to craft programs to suit their needs. For concerts, requests for specific works or themes can often be accommodated.

For special events requiring background music the musicians typically choose the precise music to be performed. This allows us to accommodate special requests (e.g. for birthdays) and adjust the music to suit the mood of the event.

For weddings, the bridal party typically chooses the processional and recessional music and can specify precise works to include during the rest of the event. Our musicians are more than happy to assist you in making your choices!

Can you play "Claire de lune"? What about something by Dvorak? Or "Stardust"?

Special requests made in advance can usually be accommodated. If we do not already have a particular work in our library, additional fees may be required to help us obtain a copy for your event. Special arrangements by our resident composers are sometimes possible for a fee. Please keep in mind that such arrangements must abide by copyright laws and require time to complete.

What does your wedding package include?

Our standard wedding package includes:
- 20-25 minutes of light classical music while your guests arrive;
- Processional music for the bridal party and bride;
- Special music during the ceremony, if desired;
- Recessional music.

A representative from our group will attend your wedding rehearsal to ensure that the musicians know where to set up and when to play during the ceremony. If you want the full ensemble to attend your rehearsal so that you can hear the music, our regular rates apply.

What do you wear while performing?

Our musicians always dress professionally. As part of the consulation and booking process, you will be asked to specify the musicians' attire. We are happy to perform in everything from business-casual clothes for informal programs to tuxedos for special occasions.

What interesting biographies you all have! Do your nonmusical interests affect the quality of your music?

Thank you for reading about us! All of our members are professional musicians with at least college-level training, though some also pursue additional careers outside of music. Our diverse daily experiences enhance our music making and help us keep joy in our sound.